Next up in our meet the edge UD team series is Greta! Here she discusses her background in landscape design, ‘Pasaka’ and her love of her hometown of Palanga.

Check out just some of the projects that we submitted as planning applications in 2020, be it in outline or in detail, and how we approached each one – from the overall context to our inspiration behind each design.

Get to know the edge girl gang better as we discuss Urban Design and why we love what we do. This week Astrid talks academics, harmonious design and Easter Eggs!

Team edge are getting ‘Fit for Feb’ …and raising money in the process!

A few weeks ago, team edge organised a field trip to explore Graven Hill in Bicester – the largest development offering self-build and custom build opportunities in the UK.

My love for the built environment started when I used to count how many portaloo’s I could see along every car journey, because I knew that for every portaloo, somewhere urban change would be happening!

What happens when your family comes first but you also can’t let your career take a back seat? A challenge Sarah is resolved to tackle head on!

In this article, edge take a moment to share the story of how our team is dealing with the challenges and new opportunities we find ourselves tackling during the Coronavirus pandemic. Always the optimists, this is our take on a brighter view of these unforeseen and difficult times.

It’s amazing what happens when the world stops.

On the 14th April, The Urban Design Group shared a snapshot survey of Registered Practices. edge take a moment and share their findings.