At edge we believe in that wise-old adage: ’empowered women empower women’.

In the male dominated construction industry, our all-lady dream team not only work hard to design and create beautiful spaces, but we also strive to challenge outdated approaches, encouraging and inspiring change in the world of lady entrepreneurs.

We are passionate about celebrating, motivating, empowering and elevating women from all walks of life, across all industries and disciplines – and what better way to do this than a unique showcase of our female role-models?

To celebrate our first birthday, we curated ‘We Are One’ – our very own exhibition inspired by women, for women. We asked our favourite ladies (and some of our favourite men!) to send us something, be it an image, a quote, a selfie, a sketch or a story, that celebrated Girl Power, something that inspired them on their journey that could now be passed on to inspire another woman on hers.

We reached out to family, friends, work colleagues, clients, daughters, partners, sisters-from-another-misters… and one dog, all of whom generously shared with us their words of wisdom, helping us on our mission to inspire the next generation of female leaders.

We had close to 100 submissions – each one unique and wonderful. Each one also served as a reminder of just how many strong, talented and powerful women are out there, and how lucky we are to be surrounded by this fabulous network of fearless females.

We held the exhibition during our birthday party at Modern Art Oxford, an event that not only celebrated our wonderful design practice turning one, but also served as our own celebration of the achievements of women. We were also delighted to be in the company of Leanne and Amy from The Circle NGO – an organisation of amazing women empowering women and working together to achieve equality for women and girls, a charity we whole-heartedly support and whose work inspires us on our journey to be the change we ourselves want to see.

Set up in 2008 by the icon that is Annie Lennox, their mission is to inspire and connect women, so they can share their experiences, harness their skills, draw on their resources and bring about lasting change. As they quite rightly put it – when women come together and organise, they can be a powerful force for change.

The overarching message from ‘We Are One’ was clear from the outset – empowered women really do empower women. All of our submissions were a message of support, respect, inspiration and admiration for another woman, and further proved that together as a group or as an individual, we are all capable of great things, especially when our female circle (whether inner or outer) is there to cheer us on.

So our message to all of you unique, fearless and powerful women is to aim high, think big, challenge the norm and get out of that comfort zone, because anything is possible… and we’ve got your back.

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Written by Sophie Evans, edgeUD Consultant