edge gave us wings


At edge Urban Design we are passionate about health and wellbeing.

You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. 

Christopher Columbus

We started our business as we wanted to control our own destiny. Three months in and it has become about so much more than autonomy. We are passionate about health and wellbeing for our growing team and we want to develop new business ideas and ways of working. Business doesn’t have to be 9-5 in an office, you don’t have to work 70-hour weeks to be effective – times are changing, ways of working need to change too. In a world of artificial intelligence; it is perception, passion, intuition and building relationships that will become the most important factors in business.

Sir Norman Foster said – “the only constant in life, is change”.

We say embrace it, make it work for you, use it to create opportunities and new adventures. Everyone can have a great life-work balance whilst also meeting deadlines, having happy clients and bringing opportunity and inspiration. All it takes is leadership, balance and vision.

This has been by far the best 3 months of our careers to date, it has improved our teamwork, negotiation, communication, we have learnt compromise, problem solving at the cold face and how to be leaders and to inspire those around us – edge has given us wings in all areas of our lives.

We’re on a journey – the best thing about the journey is that it doesn’t ever have to end. There is no deadline, there is no right answer and the only one controlling the ups and downs, left and right turns is us.

We are really happy.

We don’t have long commutes.

We spend more time with our families.

We have lost more than 70lb between us.

We love working for our clients.

We can be flexible with workloads and deadlines.

We work flexi- Fridays.

We are earning more than past salaried jobs.

We love team work.

We love collaborating.

We make things happen.

We are passionate about everything we do.

We volunteer more and give more back.

We have the freedom to inspire people every day.

Hannah & Sarah x