Sophie on Storytelling


Next up in our meet the edge team series is our Creative Producer Sophie! Here she talks all things lobsters, finding your flow and the importance of storytelling.

The common thread

My background is a mishmash of stuff… all with one common thread holding it all together (just!): and that’s creativity. I started with a degree in fashion, which lead to a job in the world of e-commerce content creation (way back before ‘content’ was a thing in itself!). This then became a job in what I would call creative projects management… basically looking after a hundred spinning plates containing brochures, photoshoots, copy and retouching.

Nothing makes me happier than being creative, whether that’s supporting creative people or being the creator myself… something that I’m only now realising since joining the edge dream team.

Friend of edge

I’m lucky to have been a friend of edge since the very beginning. My background has absolutely nothing to do with Urban Design, but from the start I knew what Sarah and Hannah were creating was special. I like to think I forced my way in… but in all seriousness, 2020 was an amazing year for edge and the timing was right for someone with my set of (varied!) skills to come on board.

My role as Creative Producer is a magical mix of all the things I love doing. I spend my days illustrating colouring books, searching for pink first aid kits (not a thing), drawing face masks on dogs and planning how edge can take over the world on social media. I also support our epic lady bosses as well as the equally epic edge team, on everything from project work to the general day to day.

Find your flow

We’re all unique as humans, but we’re also unique in how we approach our work. edge is also a pretty unique place to work, in that it understands each of our individual personalities and even celebrates the fact that we all have different approaches and ways of working. Creating a healthy culture has always been one of Sarah and Hannah’s top priorities for edge, and they’ve built something that gives us all the space to grow and where our ideas and creativity can flow.

Finding my inner lobster

2020 was a year FULL of challenges, but one thing I won’t take for granted is the time we had to re-evaluate what was important. I hated University – probably because I did completely the wrong course (fashion design!), which meant I stopped designing and illustrating because I fell out of love with it. But 2020 was the year I started again, and I remembered exactly why I loved doing it in the first place. In January I started an Instagram account for my drawings (@themodestlobster), which evolved into a digital portfolio, which then evolved into my own little website with cards and art prints. It also got me noticed by Hannah and Sarah who offered me an amazing opportunity to come and join edge …and I haven’t looked back.


Creativity is a form of storytelling… whether you design clothes, interiors or masterplans. One of my all time favourite quotes isn’t from some great philosopher, but Robin Williams… who actually said a lot of wonderful things… ‘no matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.’

I may not be an Urban Designer but I’m part of something where storytelling is at the heart of what we do, and the big ideas that may not seem that big to us at the time, are challenging the world we live in.

Written by Sophie