Impact of Coronavirus on Urban Design Practices


On the 14th April, The Urban Design Group shared a snapshot survey of Registered Urban Design Practices and how they are coping during the pandemic. edge take a moment and share the findings.

The main headlines of the Urban Design Group survey are:

  • Most practices are coping, but are concerned about the future.
  • For some, online teamwork and management consume more time than being in the office together. A short chat is difficult to achieve as opposed to undertaking longer video calls.
  • A third of practices believe that experiencing working online will change the way they work after the pandemic. If more businesses switch to remote working, there will be a fundamental change in transport demand as well as land-use implications.

The UDG survey findings on the Impact of Coronavirus on Urban Design Practices:

The survey asked practices four questions with the findings illustrated in the graphs below.

1. How well is your practice coping with online working?

Online working has been a new challenge for most businesses, including edge. In our next article, we will share more about how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, manage our time, communicate and socialise as a team.

2. Have you seen any immediate changes to your workload?

3. How do you expect things to change over the next three months?

It will be interesting to see how circumstances change within the next few months and whether in reality, ways of working and demand will correspond to expectations.

At edge, we plan to talk more about how we think COVID-19 could change the purpose and physical realisation of Urban Design in the future.

4. Will the experience of working online change the way your practice works in the long term?

With significant changes to working habits, factors such as transport, land use and the demand for facilities close to offices and mixed-use town centres may begin to change as well. We believe that the experience of working remotely can bring overall improvements to how productive and flexible businesses are and how ready they are to deal with change.

5. Have you used the government’s furloughing programme?

The majority of practices have already furloughed staff and all practices were exploring the government support available.

The Urban Design Group will repeat this survey regularly, so please look out for edge sharing more of their findings in the upcoming months.

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