edge Of Many Hands


At edge Urban Design we love the work of many hands!

We recently collaborated with a fantastic team of friends and colleagues to enter the RIBA Competition to Reimagine Letchworth Garden City. Whilst our team didn’t win, we are super proud of the teamwork and the fun that we all had working together. Thank you to our friends CE+CA Studio, Place 54 Architects, Chris Dyson Architects, Tyler Grange, BHP Harwood and A’Bear & Ball Architects.


Re-imagining the Garden City should be truly landscape led and space positive, not object positive design. Giving back the Garden blurs the lines of conventional masterplanning, removing the dominance of infrastructure by creating walkable, edible and well connected places for people. Ebeneezer Howard’s concept gave 5/6ths of the land over to growing. We embrace landscape & ecology with 68% communal green space as a modern interpretation of Howard’s 5/6ths concept.

Housing for today must work harder than it does. Giving back the Garden creates high density living at a minimum of 50dph, with both traditional and modular construction and a range of typologies from houses to maisonettes, mews & apartments, under 3 storeys high. This is a more efficient use of the land – with 36% less residential footprint than the original parameter plan – giving 36% extra back to garden.

Giving back the Garden prides itself on creating vibrancy in the community & the street scene through the concept of “the work of many hands”. Not one architecture – a team of many Architects, Landscape Architects, Ecologists & Masterplanners working as one to create high density, high quality & collaborative placemaking.